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Jarring Questions is a table top game with a mission to ignite authentic conversations. 

A Jarring Question can be anything from how you'll make a difference in the world, to how you'll ask for what you want in bed, or how you'll give your best friend feedback on what's not working in their life. 

About Us

The original Golden Girls on a college trip to Tahoe in the 90s. From left to right: Carol Miller (Rose), Lisa DeBartolo (Dorothy), Corrine Clement (Blanch), and Nicole Oronato (Mama).

The Birth of Jarring Questions


Jarring Questions® is the brainchild of college roomies and BFFs Corrine Clement & Lisa DeBartolo who have spent 25 years inventing clever ways to ignite authentic conversations wherever life’s taken them. Together with Lisa’s hot husband, rocker Don Miggs of the band Miggs, they own Golden Girls Ventures, LLC, the parent company of the Jarring brand of products. (We consider Don “one of the girls” and he seems to like it!)

From Dorm to Destiny

Jarring Questions™ may have become an official game company in November of 2012, but its roots date back to St. Mary’s College of California where Corrine and Lisa, and Lisa’s sister Tiffanie (who also goes by "Shine"), first began posing “jarring questions” to each other at dinners throughout San Francisco.

Back then, the girls would often compete to see who could pose the most shocking and jaw dropping questions by writing them on strips of paper and using the “bowl of questions” as a centerpiece to keep dinner conversation lively. At least once a year, they’d add reflective questions to the mix at New Year’s gatherings in Montana, realizing we all need the duality of outrageous freedom of expression and authentic connection to feel whole and complete in life.

Tiffanie's Birthday Becomes Our Birth Day

After two decades of keeping conversations flowing during group adventures from Iceland to Cancun, for her birthday gift in November of 2012, Tiffanie challenged Corrine to make a more permanent version of the original college “bowl of questions.”

Never one to do anything half-assed, the more Corrine embraced the project, the more professional the gift became. And before she knew it (and literally in about 3 days), she’d taken a goofy game invented to make college nights more fun, and turned it into a professionally-designed brand the world could enjoy.

With partnership and imagination from Lisa and Don in 2013, and a few nights of our most outgoing friends and family serving as focus groups at big dinners in New York and Los Angeles, Jarring Questions® is now a national sensation and in demand with retail stores around the country.

The original Tiffanie DeBartolo Edition, which debuted on November 27, 2012, will forever be the "most jarring" collection of conversation starters imaginable. If you know Tiffanie – an author, screen writer, director, poet, pole dancer, dreamer and Bright Antenna record label owner – that's the only way it could be. The woman is a brilliant, crazy, passionate, driven, naughty little enigma, and like no one else you’ll ever meet.

Why Giver Game® and Naughty & Nice

One of these years out of gratitude on Tiff’s birthday, we’ll release the original game as the Jarring Questions® Jaw Dropping Edition – but the world needs to ramp up to that first! That's why we launched with the Lisa DeBartolo-inspired "Naughty & Nice" collection (she’s always been the perfect mix of both), and the family-friendly Giver Game® (Lisa and Corrine both spent the majority of their careers in philanthropy-related positions and share a vision to change the world through giving.)

We appreciate everyone who joins us on this journey to unite the world by igniting authentic conversation. Look for opportunities in the near future for you to collaborate with us in creating the next generation of Jarring Questions® and to participate in supporting worthy causes. Until then, enjoy jarring yourself into authentic conversations everywhere!


The Golden Girls ... and Don, of course