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Jarring Questions is a table top game with a mission to ignite authentic conversations. 

A Jarring Question can be anything from how you'll make a difference in the world, to how you'll ask for what you want in bed, or how you'll give your best friend feedback on what's not working in their life. 

Corrine Clement


Corrine Clement

We're certain Corrine Clement was a bat (or a vampire) in a previous lifetime – jet propelled with creativity between the hours of 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. for as long as we've known her.

Jarring Questions® is a product of her nocturnal emissions, and truly a manifestation of her vision to ignite authentic conversation, be a source for good on the planet, and have a blast doing it with her BFF, Lisa, and rockstar hubby Don.

Among a number of adventures, Corrine currently lives overseas and serves as Executive Director of Human Resources for the Wynn Palace resort, set to open in 2016 in Macau, SAR China.

Before moving halfway across the world in 2014, Corrine served for 7 years as Chief Operating Officer of ChoiceCenter Leadership University in Las Vegas where she and her business partner invented a grass-roots based philanthropy project called Giver Game that was the inspiration for the Jarring Questions: Make-a-Difference Game.

Before joining ChoiceCenter in 2008, Corrine spent 11 years as Executive Director of Marketing, Communications and Partnership Development at the MGM Grand and several MGM Resorts International properties.

While with MGM Resorts, Corrine volunteered her time to co-chair MGM's annual Voice Foundation drives, raising more than $11.7 million for charity through employee contributions during her 8 years of service. From 2007 to 2014, she added another $8.3 million to her philanthropy total through Giver Game.

What we love most about Corrine is that there's really nothing she can't do – or teach herself. (Well, she and Lisa did try their hand at skiing in college and that project went a little off course!)

Since pulling her first all-nighter in the 3rd grade to finish an over-the-top school project, it's been clear all she needs is an afternoon and a little research to perform at a master's level as a video editor, graphic designer, web developer, poker player, master chef, dj, pr agent, irrigation specialist, photographer and super sleuth.

Corrine loves a challenge as much as she loves her son, Stretch – the cutest puppy on the planet who's as ambitious as his mom with his own Facebook, blog, Twitter feed, and coming soon – book series!