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Jarring Questions is a table top game with a mission to ignite authentic conversations. 

A Jarring Question can be anything from how you'll make a difference in the world, to how you'll ask for what you want in bed, or how you'll give your best friend feedback on what's not working in their life. 


Make-a-Difference Game

Make-a-Difference Game™

Presenting the World’s 1st Ever Family Philanthropy Game!

Our MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE GAME™ is the first game ever to inspire families and teams to compete to change the world.

Each chip boasts one of 16 Principles of Being a Difference Maker (Share, Conserve, Forgive, Accept, Be Kind, Thank, etc) as well as one “giving” challenge. Games include 90 chips in each jar:

  • 60 chips offer make-a-difference stretches that can be completed individually in 15 minutes or less
  • 30 chips are designed to be completed as a team or family in 30 minutes to 1 hour

Double the Impact You Make with 10% of Profits Donated to Charity

Whether you play by yourself or with others, you can feel confident the world is benefiting from your ripple of giving in more than one way – Jarring Questions® is proud to donate 10% of profits from our Make-a-Difference Game to charity. What’s more, our Jarring community gets to participate annually in choosing which worthy 501c3 organizations benefit from game sales. To learn more about how to nominate a charity you love to receive Jarring funds, visit Giving Back in the menu bar.

How to Play Family Style

If playing with your family, place Jarring Questions® Make-a-Difference Game in the middle of your kitchen table. At breakfast, have your kids pull a chip & read the stretch challenge for the day.  At dinner, share how you each completed it!

If you have younger children, you can also use the Principles of Being a Difference Maker to ignite conversations with your kids about what it means to live an outward-focused life in service and gratitude to others.

Individual (Light Green Chips) & Team Stretches (Dark Green Chips)

The 60 LIGHT GREEN chips in your jar provide challenges to be completed individually. The 30 DARK GREEN chips are family and team challenges to be completed together on weekends in 30 minutes to 1 hour. All stretches are appropriate for ages 3 to infinity!

Learn More about the Make-a-Difference Game

The Make-a-Difference Game's mission is to teach the planet that it doesn't take a lot of time or money to leave a legacy in the world – it simply takes a big heart and a few minutes a day.

Sample Make-a-Difference Stretches

Sample Individual Stretches:

 SHARE: Who needs a meal you could share half your lunch with today?

GRATITUDE: Whose life will you touch with unexpected kindness today?

ACCEPT: Who will you get to know from a different race or culture today?


Sample Family/Team Stretches:

CONSERVE: In 30 minutes at our favorite park, how clean can we leave it?

SUPPORT: How many lunches can we make and deliver to the homeless today?

BE KIND: Working with social services, what needy child can we bake a birthday cake for?