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Jarring Questions is a table top game with a mission to ignite authentic conversations. 

A Jarring Question can be anything from how you'll make a difference in the world, to how you'll ask for what you want in bed, or how you'll give your best friend feedback on what's not working in their life. 


Kids Quiz

Our Kids Quiz Edition

A Ridiculously Fun Conversation Game for Kids 5+ 

Our Jarring Questions® Kids Quiz Edition is a fun and imaginative way for kids to get-to-know kids 5+ at birthday and slumber parties, on play dates, car trips, sports teams, and more!

An outrageous and interactive experience, chips contain special commands to keep things lively!

DODGE BALL –  Free pass! Give the chip to someone else to answer!

SUPER STAR! – Take the stage and show off your talents!

RELAY RACE – Everyone answers the question, moving clockwise.

CHALLENGE – Everyone competes to determine a winner.

PRETEND - A crazy game of "What If" questions!

SHOW & TELL – Raise your hand if the question applies to you!

DARE! – Take a risk and complete a silly challenge.

SHARE A SECRET – Reveal something you've been hiding.

YOU + TAG 2 – You answer, then choose 2 more to do the same.


Sample Questions

Made for kids, but just as fun for adults to play, here is a sampling of our Jarring Questions:

  • PRETEND: If you had the power to be invisible for an hour, what would you do?
  • SHARE A SECRET: What's something you're hiding in your room right now?
  • RELAY RACE: What's your coolest idea for a new toy or invention?
  • CHALLENGE: Who can touch their tongue to their nose? GO!
  • YOU + TAG 2: Is there life on other planets? If so, what do aliens eat and do all day?
  • PRETEND: If you could give a gift to every kid on the planet, what would it be?
  • DODGE BALL: Who is your hero? How have they inspired you?