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Jarring Questions is a table top game with a mission to ignite authentic conversations. 

A Jarring Question can be anything from how you'll make a difference in the world, to how you'll ask for what you want in bed, or how you'll give your best friend feedback on what's not working in their life. 


Tops & Bottoms

Tops & Bottoms

Presenting the World’s 1st Conversation Game for Queens and Marys!

Our TOPS & BOTTOMS edition is a ridiculously outrageous conversation game designed for all the fabulous gays in our lives. Play at Pride,
parties, circle jerks & let your personality shine!

How to Play: Non-stop Mayhem & Debauchery

Tops & Bottoms calls everyone out of the closet with interactive chips that keep the conversation moving:

  • CIRCLE JERK: EVERYONE answers the question!
  • HAND JOB: Hand off the chip for another Mary to answer.
  • SPOTLIGHT: A 30-second showcase of your fab talents!
  • 3-WAY: You answer then pick 2 others to join the fun.
  • UNDER THE BUS: Spill that gossip about a fellow queen!
  • BY SHOW OF HANDS: Everyone reveals their secrets.
  • FREE BALLIN’: Make up your OWN Jarring Question!

Sample Tops & Bottoms Questions

 SPOTLIGHT: Give us 30 seconds of your best runway walk and poses!

BY SHOW OF HANDS: Who jerks off: Once daily? Twice? 3 or more times?

YOU PLUS YOUR 9 O'CLOCK: What character are you in the cast of The Golden Girls?

3-WAY: Have you ever masturbated on a plane? In your car? In a park? Movie?